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Sara needs a Sat Nav

Posted on 23rd June 2009

A weekend off at the end of May gave the team a chance to get lots of schooling into the youngsters and gave me a chance to get in lots of teaching in, as clients are now out competing in full swing. We then made the trip to Hexham our now local event where it was very up and down. I was ready to go home after Ben and Otis misbehaved on the xc, however things were a lot brighter by the end of the day with Flyer doing a lovely dressage test in the intermediate (after which I withdrew him as he was going to Bramham the week after) and Clive and Manor coming home with a 10th and 9th respectively. This led to a lot of ribbing of my dad by my Aunty Mary as her horse (Manor) beat dad's (Clive) in the same section. I then took Vicky and Reeva back on the Sunday to do the Pre-novice. After a rather interesting manoeuvre before she went in the dressage arena, she finished with her first double clear.

The next week was then manic, as we were going to Bramham then heading straight off to Burgie the week after, it meant fitting in dressage lessons and lots of shopping. It was a last minute decision to go to Bramham as they only put the CIC on to replace Chatsworth after it was cancelled. I went by myself for the first few days and did all the grooming and I was quite proud of myself.

Flyer at his 1st trot up

Flyer tried really hard in his dressage after the intense sessions with Ian Woodhead beforehand and I really regretted not asking for more in the test but at the time I was waiting for the ticking time bomb to return. The xc was big but inviting and I decided to take a few long routes to ensure our qualification with a clear.

Flyer going into the water

He was great all the way round and on Saturday night I was very proud of him. Sunday was show jumping and it was a nice flowing track and he started off brilliantly, however down the treble line he took 2 out as he saw the crowds, this made me worry about getting a qualifying score and I sailed straight past fence 7, I jumped the next 2 fences and had 1 to jump when the commentator said I was eliminated for missing a fence. To say I was gutted is an understatement and I was annoyed with myself for letting him down when he gave me such a fab ride on the Saturday. I have to look forward though and take the positives away from it and as my mum says these things happen for a reason.

A red rosette at last

Posted on 23rd June 2009

Vicky and Reeva at Floors

The horses have been running well all season but there has been a definite lack of rosettes coming home in the wagon with us, however this all changed at Floors Castle with 3. Ben outshone everyone by winning his novice section in only his 3rd novice! Otis made Heather a very proud mummy by bringing a 3rd home with a fab x-country round. The intermediates were also good, although I did have a few interesting moments on both Clive and Manor at the ‘Ha ha' open ditch where both decided to try the belly flopping technique. Clive did however come home with his first rosette. Vicky Bell with Reeva also competed and just missed out on a rosette in the BE100 and Danielle had a lovely HC run on Jack in the same class.

Back to reality post Badminton

Posted on 23rd June 2009

All the horses at home were kept ticking over by Heather and my friend Jayne whilst we were away at Badminton, as there were a busy few weeks coming up with the youngsters. After only 4 days at home we hit the road again down to Chatsworth with 3 novices and Flyer in the CIC3*. From the Friday the weather was against us and it rained non-stop. Ben did a lovely double clear in the mud as did Danielle with Seb who put her mishaps at Central Scotland behind her. Otis too did well, considering the conditions by the Saturday afternoon, to finish just outside the prizes. He definitely likes the big occasion as he grew 2 inches when he went into the sj arena, and he thought he was so clever and bucked all the way back to the lorry park! Heather, his owner made a fleeting visit to watch him as her son Harry was racing at Donnington in the BTCC that weekend also. In between the downpours Flyer did a lovely dressage test in his first 3 star, however we woke up on the Sunday morning to hear they had had to cancel due to the waterlogged ground.

While we had a load at Chatsworth a number of the team's clients were competing at Richmond horse trials. Anne Morrison had a great return to competition by coming home 2nd and Emma Forster got a 29 in the dressage, a score she hasn't seen before. Andrea Marshall was also really pleased to complete on the ever spooky Ted.

Sara and Buster complete Badminton for a second time

Posted on 18th May 2009

Ever since I last competed at Badminton in 2005 I seem to have been trying to get back and experience it again. After coming 18th at Burghley last autumn I knew that I had every chance of competing there this year so have been training hard since January.

Buster passed the trot up with flying colours despite me looking a little ‘lame' as my husband Paul says, as I cannot run in anything but trainers. I had decided to invest in a new jacket, trousers and some patent leather flats but still struggled and I really admire Dee Kennedy for running in those huge heals!

After 2 lessons and a warm up from Ian Woodhead, he did a lovely dressage test, however the judges' fingers seemed to be stuck on the 6 button and I ended with a disappointing 58.8.
I walked the x-country course 4 times, once with Paddy Hughes, one of my sponsors who gives me so much confidence, and it seemed to very jumpable.As soon as I jumped fence 6, a big table to arrowhead, I knew he was on my side so I kicked on up Worcester Avenue. The only jump I was unsure of was the Shogun hollow, a big roll top to smaller roll top then into a dip and up to a corner, as I jumped part b I shouted ‘long' and went round as I knew I was up on my clock. For the rest of the course he galloped and jumped everything fantastic and we came in just 16 seconds over the optimum time, the fastest he has ever been.
Although tired from his x-country he passed the trot up and went on to jump a lovely show jumping round with just one down. We will now aim for Burghley in the autumn.

Academy girls do their first events

Posted on 18th May 2009

Jack and Danielle complete their first event with a double clearMay competitions started with a trip to Central Scotland horse trials in Perth. As I was due to go to Badminton the following week I was on a strict competition ban from my mum, so was chief driver, groom and trainer for Danielle my groom and client Vicky Bell. Danielle was doing her first competition on Jack, the academy's training horse. She did a brilliant job on him ending up with a double clear! Vicky, whose horse Reeva I have been competing and preparing for her, was doing her first ever BE competition. After remembering her dressage test, she went on to complete the show jumping and cross country with a few interesting detours on course!! Both girls are now looking forward to their next runs at Floors Castle on these horses.

Danielle also competed her own horse Seb on the Sunday where a couple of stops at the trekhaner marred her score card after a beautiful show jumping round. She will now take Seb to Chatsworth in the novice.