Shivers Event Team News

New Stable Jockey for 2011 season

Posted on 8th February 2011

Due to pregnancy, Sara will not be competing for the first half of this season so the team have employed a new stable jockey to compete the horses and school clients horses.  His name is Will Murray and he has competed up to and including advanced so he is qualified to ride all the boys and girls!  He also has his Stage 2 UKCC so will be great for teaching.  With a similar showing background to Sara it also means he can show our Welsh Cob Flash this season.

 Will on Manor at Richmond BSJA

Lessons are continuing with Sara and Heather Vaulkhard, Otis's owner has kindly arranged a clinic at her yard for people to get some lessons in before the eventing season begins on the 3rd March. The arena at the yard now has a lovely new surface on it and we are desperate to try it and the new xc jumps out so will be arranging our own clinics very soon.

Working pupil and Weekend grooms wanted

Posted on 7th November 2010

Due to present girls going off to be a trolly dolly and into the retail business we are in need of replacements.

Weekend groom immediately, working pupil to start in the new year or straight away if prepared to do weekends.

Job Description

General day to day running of competition yard.
Hacking, fittening & ground work for yard horses.
Tuition and Competition with your own horse.
Preparing for & grooming at National & International Competitions.
Sole charge of yard at times.


Hard working
Good sense of humour
Driver with own transport a bonus

5.5 day week

Required Skills

Riding; Driving licence; Equine First-Aid; Lunging; Bandaging; Plaiting; Trim/Pull; Sole Charge; Exercising.


Good, self contained annex accommodation nearby


Professional training provided with opportunity to compete own horse.
Opportunity to groom at National & International Competitions.
Chance to join professional and successful team in a serious but fun environment.

The Facility

full facilities. 16 stables, walker, large outdoor arena, solarium and all year turnout


The ability to take sole charge is  very important, therefore a knowledgeable, honest and reliable person more important than riding ability. All general yard duties with the ability to handle fit event horses or youngstock.

Deluges of rain and sunburn

Posted on 21st October 2010

Osberton was the last event of the season for the team and we had 3 horses to go.  Unfortunately after a fall at Allerton Park Words and Deeds aka Otis wasn't right so I ended up taking 2, Reeva and Flyer.  We also had a hitch hiker in the form of Emma Hawksby with her 1* horse Brannas.  After some nice weather on the run up to the event as soon as we arrived it rained, turning the park into a bit of a bog.  Saturday was the only nice day and gave the ground a chance to dry up for xc however the rain returned on the Sunday and we jumped in going even I don't think I have competed in before.  Reeva got placed in a large section of over a 125 horses and Flyer showed how much he has grown up by jumping round the xc clear making it feel like a pony cllub track to finish the 2nd fastest of the day in a section of over 100!!   He finally has his full qualification for Bramham CCI3* next year which is a big relief.  Emma was also pleased to complete her first 3 day event and qualify for a CCI2* next year. So roll on 2011.

Reeva in her wet weather gear before trot up

4 days after returning from Osberton we were on our way to South Africa for our Safari Riding Holiday at Ants Hill in Vaalwater.  It was a long flight of 11 hours and very hot compared to what we had come from, 30 plus most days.  They made us feel totally spoilt with the opportunity to do as much or as little as we wanted.  We also met some great new friends and the riding and game viewing were amazing.  I hope one day we can go back and experience it all over again but until then we will just have to look at the pictures.

End of Season and holidays loom

Posted on 13th September 2010

Well I have been hopeless at updating my diary this season as have been away so much of the year I don't seem to have had time.  My husband quite often asks people if they have seen what I look like recently as he has forgotten.  As we are getting to the end of the season some horses are already on holiday giving me the chance to catch up with some administration. 

I thought it would be best to give a little rundown on the progress of the horses I have been competing this year then give my highlights in a few weeks when we are finished for the season.


Buster unfortunately didn't get to finish Badminton as he bruised his foot before final trot up after yet another 4* xc clear so after a holiday we focussed in on Burghley.  As he is now 17 we decided to give him just one run at Gatcombe beforehand which was a good job as both of us were a bit rusty together.  As we headed to Burghley for a 4th time I was pleased that I still have a horse of that calibre to go to such prestigious events.  As Ian Woodhead could not attend for my dressage I kept myself calm with my iPod in and it really helped me to keep a better rhythm for my test. The xc was a lot softer technically this year but no less big.  He stormed round clear but I got very annoyed with myself not keeping the pedal to the floor and getting costly time penalties.  He did however complete on the Sunday with one down sj.  I was very proud when Yogi Breisner asked me if one of the WEG team members could ride Buster in the parade.  He got William Fox-Pitt on board and made him look like a pony, we were all very proud and took lots of pictures.

Enagh Topflight

A decision was made at the beginning of the season that we needed to keep Flyer as happy as confident as possible in order to get his CIC3* qualification so we ran him in OIs.  He went to Bramham full of confidence and took on a very big track with gusto, mine and several other people hearts were in their mouths when we first walked Ian Stark’s new course as it was big from the start.  After a nice dressage and one down sj it has given him his all important qualification, however due to me chasing that part of the qualification and a bruised foot before Blenheim he will now finish the season with a CCI2* at Osberton to be fully qualified for Bramham CCI 3 day in 2011.

Bright Side

Clive has performed consistently all season and just missed getting placed in the CCI2* at Tattersalls.  He has now done 2 advances one of which was the Intermediate Championships at Gatcombe. He had 2 uncharacteristic show jumps down so I didn’t run him fast xc.  After I missed the entries for Blenheim 8 and 9 year old CIC it meant there was nothing more I could really do with him this season.  An early holiday will allow me to get lots of flatwork into him over the winter ready for an early CIC3* in 2011.

Carlingford Shiver

Sometimes I forget that Manor is only 8 and is already advanced, but at some points he has been quite trying this season.  He has had a free rein to run on the xc like he wants to, but he has on several occasions used this opportunity to take a lend by being very spooky!  At Tattersalls in front of his breeders he didn't even like the look of the first fence and despite some hard riding he eventually got me at a coal truck before the turn to home.  He was also at one point reversing into the white ropes at Barbury because there were people running off the xc as we approached a jump.   I have had to curtail our speed xc and take him back into a tight contact which seems to be working at the moment.  He like Clive has completed 2 advances with clear xc including Gatcombe which he seems to really love.  Next season he will also aim for a CIC3* and hopefully we will have grown out of the teenage strop period.


Well what can I say about Reeva apart from that she has been a star from the start of her season in May.  She upgraded in 5 events from Novice to Intermediate not touching a single pole sj.  This included a 2nd in the CIC1* at Hutton in only our 4th run together, it led to us getting our picture in both the Horse and Hound and Eventing Magazine.  She has now done 1 intermediate and will also finish the season at Osberton doing the CCI1*.  She makes everything feel effortless and despite being much smaller than Buster reminds me a lot of him in his early day’s eventing.  It is very difficult not to get excited about her for next season and I must take my time to educate her at each level despite me wanting to do Badminton NOW!

Diamond Harlequin

Harry has shown us his cheeky side and his serious side.  When he has been in the right frame of mind he has shown great talent including a great win in the BE100 at Hutton in June.  He is now going to go Novice as I think he thinks BE100 is much too easy and he needs plenty to think about.  I'm just hoping there are no wooden pigs or sheep decorating the jumps.

Wooleypark Destiny

My little project is turning into a little jumping machine and she has to be one of the best first timers I have ever taken eventing.  Due to a lack of time she is just coming out eventing this autumn.  She has done 2 fantastic clears at BE90 level so I am now going to take her up to BE100 for her last 2 runs of the season.  I wish she was a hand higher as she then wouldn't be going anywhere but she is too small for me to take much further so somewhere along the line we will have to find her a nice home.

In a few weeks time another season will be over with it's normal ups and downs. We are taking a weeks holiday to South Africa on Safari which will be an oportunity to relax for a short time.  It will then be back to work as Buster and Clive will be ready to start work once again in preperation for 2011!!




Buster and Sara heading to Badminton

Posted on 14th April 2010

Well Buster and I have got into Badminton 2010 and we are making our final preparations.  He had a fabulous first and last run before Badminton at Burnham Market with a lovely double clear to finish 7th.  The other horses are all a little behind with their competing due to cancellations and we have had to come home and do some sharpening up work in the arena on our arrowheads with some!  Some like Harry, Reeva and Otis are yet to get out this season, but hopefully after Badminton it will be all stations go.  The cancellations have also prevented many of the team's clients getting out and about but I'm looking forward to seeing all their hard winter work paying off when they start competing soon.  If anybody wants to come and visit us at Badminton let me know and I'm sure I can arrange a tour of the stables as they are absolutely fabulous!